CTCA Centennial Event

Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri — May 1 -7, 2017

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Mark your calendars! You just can’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime CTCA extravaganza - the centennial celebration of the Cairn Terrier Club of America!

We’ll honor our club and our Cairns with a week of fun activities in which you and your Cairns can participate, or you can simply enjoy as a spectator.

Refer to the documents below for more information on the event and the Purina Farms venue.

Purina Farms Venue Info:

Lodging Info:

Dining Info:

Event Info:

CTCA Dinners:

CTCA will host dinners all week to help celebrate this monumental accomplishment:

Health Clinics:

For those wanting information regarding Health clinics at Purina Farms, the Gateway Cluster will be providing an Eye Cerf clinic, and possibly a Heart clinic and a Microchip clinic on Saturday, May 6th.

Appointments are being taken NOW for Eye Cerfs at $35. per dog. Other clinics will be confirmed once the Premium List is out.

You may NOW contact Carol Brinson for Eye Cerf appointments which will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. (We will be requesting early show times on Saturday due to the TOP TWENTY EVENT that evening).

100 Year Celebration Store:

100 Year Celebration Commemorative Chronicle:

As part of the 100 Year Celebration, we will be publishing a Commemorative Chronicle, capturing the highlights of the past century of Cairns in America.

Please join in making this once-in-a-lifetime document a very special keepsake, by including a page celebrating your Cairns or honoring others you would like to remember as part of our history.

Your announcement(s) may feature:

To reduce costs to advertisers, we have created a series of semi-standardized design templates (to be completed with the photo and copy that you choose) that will allow us to create your page with no additional design fee. Here are some examples of 100-Year Commemorative Chronicle Announcements. Or advertisers may design their own ads. Page specifications are 9.5 x 12 inches for full bleed. Allow at minimum 1 inch margins. We are hoping this will allow everyone to participate!

Pricing: $100 per full page or $50 per half page (no design fees)


More information, including a form requesting copy for your announcement(s): 100-Year Commemorative Chronicle Announcements. Instructions on where to send your form, photo and payments are included on the form.

Don’t miss out – we hope every member will be part of this special keepsake!

If you are submitting a custom Commemorative Book Announcement, you can use the link below to make payment via Payapl:

Pre-Order Your Keepsake Copy of the Centennial Chronicle!

The Chronicle will be an information-packed publication celebrating 100 years of Cairns in America. It includes many fascinating announcement pages sponsored by Cairn lovers, large and small, celebrating their personal history with the breed.

Everyone who has sponsored an announcement page will receive one complimentary copy of the Chronicle. LAST CHANCE: If you'd like to place an announcement, there is a little bit of time left, please contact Tammy NOW.

If you did not place an announcement, or would like additional copies of this important keepsake publication, please PRE-ORDER. The price is $15.50 per copy if you will pick it up in person at Purina or $21 per copy if you would like to have it mailed to you.

Reserved Grooming & RV:

Reserved Grooming & RV parking reservations for the Celebration week at Purina Farms will be handled by the Gateway Cluster.

They do not accept any reservations until the Premium list comes out sent electronically from Onofrio.