HRCC Report - 2002 Mid-Year

For the period October 2001 - March 2002

For the past 6 months the committee has continued with its   work. However, activity has been rather slow. The events of   Sept. llth have put   things in a different perspective and probably other thoughts   have been on the minds of cairn breeders/owners.

I do want to thank the researchers and the coordinators for   their work and their reports which follow.

Coordinator Reports: Eye Disease Coordinator - Pam   McDonald

Since my last report I have been continuing to receive one   to two requests per month regarding information on eye   diseases. Most of the requests are regarding ocular melanosis   but a couple have been regarding diseases not normally   associated with Cairns. The inquiries related to ocular   melanosis are generally from owners whose dogs have been   diagnosed. These people are generally very upset and need moral   support and information about what to expect as the disease   progresses. I have also had a request from a regional club   regarding the planning of an eye clinic. In general, I would   say that more people are becoming educated regarding eye   diseases in Cairns.

Orthopedic Diseases - Coordinator Dr. Kydee Sheetz

No report at this time (Since Dr. Sheetz has spent some time   in Kenya this past year she has not been available as a   coordinator. She is back on duty with us now).

MCND - (Multisystemic Chromatalytic Neuronal Degeneration)   - Coordinator - Kathy VanWie

Good news! No cases of this disease have been reported.

CAVM (Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine)   - Coordinator - Cynthia Sherman

Since the last report, I have received no email contacts   about CAVM via the CTCA website, nor have I written any reports   for the Newsletter. It has been a quiet winter for   complementary and alternative veterinary medicine.

Skin Diseases - Coordinator - Cindy Sushak

For the reporting period I have received 12 requests for   help with skin related problems in Cairn Terriers. All requests   received my standard letter. On three occasions I exchanged   more than one email with the person initiating the request. The   outcome of the problem situation was learned in one case. Use   of benzol peroxide shampoo and a medicated conditioner cured   this problem,. No one asked for a referral to a specialist in   his or her area. The complaints included the following—  itching, scratching, puppy strangles, hotspots, inhalant   allergy, black lesions, lumps, loss of hair. The age range was   0.8-l0 years, average about 4 years, one unknown. There were   six males, five females, and one unknown sex.

Heart Diseases - Coordinator - Floyd Kuntz

No report at this time.

VWD - (vonWillebrands Disease) - Coordinator - Clare   Redditt

No additional information. Research has not been funded.

HRC Library - Coordinator - Pam McDonald

In process of development.

Kidney Disease - Coordinator - Ruth Barstow

Only a few requests relative to kidney disease have been   received in this reporting period. I would like to first report   that the breeders that had a male with kidney stones, described   in my last report, felt it would be prudent to have him   neutered. I do believe that inherited tendency for renal stones   is rare (supported by the literature), but I respect their   motivation not to take any chances with their breeding program.   Would that all breeders would be open and honest about problems   with their Cairns. One e-mail request I received was for   information about juvenile renal disease (JRD). A Cairn owner,   who had a dog that had been tentatively diagnosed as having   JRD, asked for more information. I gave her a brief summary of   types, symptoms, and treatment of JRD and sent her a copy of my   article about the subject. I asked that she let me know what   happened to the dog, but I have heard no more. Another request   came from an owner of a young dog that urinated large puddles   on every carpet in her home. Her veterinarian recommended that   the dog be tested extensively for a firm diagnosis and be fed a   kidney diet afterward. She could not afford the tests and   wanted to know if she should feed the diet anyway and/or place   the Cairn. Her children were very attached to the dog and she   afraid that they would grieve and the would not be happy. I   assured her that if a “Cairn is not near the one they   love they love the one they’re near.” In my   experience, I had to place a Cairn and discovered that she did   not forget me, but was very happy in her new home. I advised   that she feed the diet and find a new, suitable home for her   Cairn and then get another pet for herself and her children.   She had given commendable care to the cairn and I praised her   for that. I have had no other requests for information about   renal problems.

GCL - (Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy) - Coordinator - Clare   Redditt

Dr. Wenger reports that there was a lull in samples being   received last summer and then it picked up again after October.   However, the quanity of samples being sent is vey low when   compared to the beginning of this testing. Fifteen more cairns   have been tested bringing the overall total to 5ll samples. Of   the additional samples, 4 were found to be carriers. The   carrier total now is 86 bringing the percentage of carriers   down to l6.8% of the cairns tested. The lowering of the   percentage of carriers is good news since it means that the   number of carriers out there passing on this gene is getting to   be fewer every 6 months. Not once has the percentage of   carriers increased since we began testing our dogs. This   indicates that our breeders are being very resonsible in moving   towards deleting this disease from our breed.

GDC (Genetic Disease Control) Registry - Coordinator -   Jennie Willis

No report at this time.

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Respectfully submitted
  Clare Redditt
  Chairman, CTCA Health Related Concerns Committee
  CC: Anna Mullins, Chrm. CTCA Foundation