* HRCC Report - March 2009

  For the period October 2008 - March 2009

CTCA/CTCC Cairn Terrier Health Survey 2010 (Jim Hulbert) The Health Survey 2010 (HS2010) committee has reviewed previous CTCA surveys and recent surveys conducted by other breed clubs.  In addition to the primary goal of gathering current, health-related information, the research will be making a strong effort to dramatically increase the response rate to at least double the 2005 rate of 32%.  That is, HS2010 has set a goal of collecting information from at least two of three members of the national clubs of the United States and Canada (estimated total mail-out: 750).

  Leslie Lundgren (BC/ CTCC), Joan Eastman (MN/CTCA) and Jim Hulbert (MN/ CTCA + CTCC) are completing the draft survey that is shorter that the previous survey and that is focused on CTCA and CTCC members’ health screening as well as the health conditions experienced by members’ Cairns (1 Sep 05 to 31 Aug 2010).  In addition to some demographic and Cairn breeding-ownership information, summaries of HRCC recommendations for minimal health screening guidelines and routine care will be included in the mailing.
The sampling frame is also being developed.  HS2010 sampling may be completed in two phases using: (1) an e-mail based effort that sends *.pdf formatted surveys only to a group of CTCA/CTCC members who volunteer for this experiment, and (2) the traditional paper copy method, including inner and outer envelopes and return mail to the Duluth commercial mail service.  The e-mail and paper-copy phases will be conducted during distinct time periods separated by one or two weeks.  Key-entry, data analysis, and reporting are to be completed by the team who completed the work in 2005-6. 

Later this year will be budgets to be allocated to both national clubs.  As in 2005, the HS2010 survey committee will request pre-survey operations funding from each club. CTCA/CTCC members will not be reimbursed for their effort.  Funds not spent will be returned to the clubs.  The CTCA budgeting will be maintained in St. Paul, MN, and the CTCC budgeting will be maintained in Duncan, BC. As previously, owing to the substantial in-kind donations of researcher-members, the total cost to both clubs of conducting this research will be a small fraction of the outlay required had the clubs hired a commercial survey research firm.

  Portosystemic Vascular Anomaly (PSVA) and Microvascular Dysplsaia (MVD) – formerly referred to as Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) (Becky Stamps
Report on Dr. Sharon Center’s research grant (AKC CHF # 963; duration June 2008 to May 2010).  Report from Nov 2008. Significant work has been completed in the sample collection, pedigree development and sample preparation.  The genotyping tasks as listed in the objectives have not provided results in the first six months (of funding) but the tools have been prepared.  The group is in the middle of genotyping additional breeds in the previously identified region of interest.  The project is progressing well. Research includes sample collection in these breeds: Cairn Terrier, Havanese, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Papillon, Soft Coat Fox Terrier, Pug, Dachshund, Shetland Sheepdog, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Boston Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Bishon, Border Terrier and Chihuahua.   The project is currently mapping newly acquired pedigrees in the chromosomal region of interest to confirm linkage needed to justify SNP analysis in our region of interest.  A SNP array has been developed and the project will shortly proceed to find gene SNP mapping.

Dr. Center continues to request bile acid test results and DNA blood samples from Cairn Terriers which have been clinically diagnosed with PSVA or MVD but have not previously been sent to Dr. Center.  If anyone has dogs which meet these requirements, please contact Becky Stamps at marqueecairns@netexas.net    She will mail you the collection test tubes and instructions to enable them to be sent to Dr. Center.

Becky continues to send multiple test kits to breeders for bile acid tests and DNA collection to send to Dr. Center.  She continues to receive calls from breeders with questions and/or wanting to know how to test and/or how to understand test results.
      CMO: (Vicki Havlik)  No update.
    Ocular Melanosis (OM)
(Linda Heiner)
Dr. Simon Petersen-Jones AKC CHF ACORN grant # 903-A was completed in late 2008.  AKC CHF grant # 1137  was approved and funded by the AKC CHF late in 2008.  Reports on both were published in the 2008 Winter CTCA newsletter
    There was concern that the scope of the research on grant # 1137 might need to be narrowed but additional generous funding from the CTCA Foundation has allowed the original outlined project to go forward.  An update on grant # 1137 is expected in mid 2009.  
    Blood samples, eye exam results and pedigrees on dogs with OM or who are related to dogs with OM continue to be collected by Dr. PJ.  Especially needed are any eyes removed due to OM for this research.  Information on the “Eye Donation Registry” was also published in the the 2008 Winter CTCA newsletter. 
    Two inquiries received include:  (1), cloudy area in eye and (1), Ocular Melanosis.
(Linda Heiner) (4) inquiries for itching/skin allergy (1) dog “warts” (1) “red lice mange” (1)  staph pyroderma.  Staph Pyoderma – again, this may be a condition that is on the rise in our breed and in other breeds.

Renal Dysplasia/Aplasia
(Jackie Sowards, Joyce Adams-Taylor and Devon Allen) Dr. Rhodes from the University of Pennsylvia made a presentation on “Renal Dysplasia/Aplasia”   at the Oct 2008 CTCA Education Day.

The University Of Pennsylvania is preparing a manuscript on Renal Dysplasia.  The paper will not be completed for several months as they are including data on two newly affected puppies that will need to be biopsied when they are old enough to be spayed/castrated.

As has been said before, despite all other reports of a lab test to detect dogs affected by RD or RA, ultrasound diagnosis at 16 weeks of age by a board certified radiologist is still the best screening tool at this time. 
    Health (Genetic) Manual
: (Cheri Eagleson): Continue to sending notices to new CTCA members and are handing some out to members that ask for them.  Still have some binders left.
    Heart and Gastrointestinal Diseases
(Laurel Harpel): No inquiries.  No current research projects.
(Kydee Sheetz):  There were three information requests submitted and responded to within the last few months.  All of these requests were for information regarding patellar subluxation or hip pathology of some type (dysplasia versus Legg-Calve’ Perthes disease).
(Beth Wilder Wilson) No inquiries.

Recommended Minimal Health Screening Protocols (Linda Heiner)  A subgroup of the HRCC is developing a table outlining these tests, protocols and getting approval from the known related experts on them; Dr. Peterson Jones for CERF + OM,  Dr. Center for Bile Acid Testing and Dr. Wenger for GCL.   More information to come in 2009.
    Orthopedic Foundation of America/Canine Health Information Center (OFA/CHIC) (
Joan Eastman)
 Once a table of Recommended Minimal Health Screening Protocols is established we can select 3-4 baseline tests to start the process of CTCA participation.  The information for participation in the program is on the OFA website at http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/chicinfo.html    The mission of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) is to provide a source of health information for owners, breeders, and scientists, that will assist in breeding healthy dogs.  Cairn owners/breeders are encouraged to take advantage of health screening clinics.  One source to find out clinics being held is to look on the OFA website at http://www.offa.org/calendar.html
  Since the Oct 2008 report, Cheri Eagleson had 2 inquiries on seizures, Linda Heiner had 1 inquiry on vaccine reaction and 1 inquiry on white cairn terriers (subsequently DNA tested to confirm parentage to the dam and sire Cairn Terriers).

Respectfully submitted,
    Linda Heiner, Chair

Members: Devon Allen, Joyce Adams-Taylor, Kevin Durkin, Joan Eastman, R.N., Vicki Havlik, Laura  Harpel, DVM, Dr. Jim Hulbert Ph.D., Linda Heiner, R.N., Dr. Kydee Sheetz, Cheri Eagleson, Becky Stamps, Beth Wilson, Jackie Sowards