HRCC Report - October 2004

October, 2004

Dr. Alvin Novick resigned as the chair of the HRC Committee during this reporting period. Ruth Barstow was appointed as chair. We would like to express the appreciation of the members of the committee for his leadership and for graciously consenting to remain on the committee.

One of the first tasks undertaken was to write, in conjunction with Anna Mullins, Chair, CTCA Foundation, a description of the inter-relationships between the HRCC and the Foundation, which will be given to new members and will be found on the HRC website.

Reports of Coordinators:

Renal Disease. Ruth E. Barstow,

The major inquiry concerned the condition described by the Swedish Kennel Club in relationship to their soft-coated wheaten terriers: Progressive Nephropathy (PNP) which is an inherited condition that leads to kidney failure in the young wheaten. Concerned individuals thought Cairns might be so afflicted. Study and intensive consultation with board certified veterinarians led me to the conclusion that, though we have Juvenile Renal Disease in Cairns, it is not the same condition as PNP. No known cases have be reported (diagnosis must be made by kidney tissue examination). Unfortunately, we do not have a national veterinary data base on diseases occurring in the United States. The consensus of opinion is that we should concentrate on JRD and leave PNP to investigation by the Swedish.


Ocular Melanosis (OM) has been the main topic of 6 inquiries. Linda reports that Dr. Simon Peterson Jones has a new student, Lexi Mentzer, who is working on gene mutation that causes OM. The request is made that owners of Cairns affected with or without OM, cooperate with the research project. Instructions and more information may be found on the HRC website. Please note: glaucoma is on the rise in Cairns. Eye clinics are recommended!

`Ten inquiries have been made related to itching and allergies. An active grant, “Basophil/Mast Cell Response to Leutens as a Predictor of Allergic Disease in Genetically Susceptible Dogs” is ongoing by AKC Canine Health Foundation. Watch for results!

Orthopedic Conditions: Dr. Kydee Sheetz, Has had 8 inquiries including Legg-Perthes, patellar subluxation, hip dysplasia and craniomandibular osteophathy (CMO). She recommended use of local orthopedic experts. Her main suggestion is that breeders, who seem to want to lay blame on owners for these inherited conditions, should look to themselves and to “becoming informed and changing breeding practices appropriately.” Breeder and owner education is important!

CMO: Dr. Patrick Venta’s update on his continuing project is on the HRC website. We’re waiting for a proposal from him for expansion of the project.

Multisystemic Chromatalytic Neuronal Degeneration: Kathy Van Wie, 937-704-0824. Has had no inquiries. Please note that Kathy no longer uses e-mail. Contact by phone.

Complimentary & Alternative Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Alvin Novick, 203-865-1166. No report at this time.

Heart & Gastro-intestinal: Floyd Kuntz, No report at this time.

Liaison to Terrier Breed Clubs: Carol Onstad,

Inquiries have been made to other breed clubs to elicit areas of common interest for research. She has obtained health survey forms from them.

Liaison to Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), Genetic Disease Control (GDC) and Canine Health Information Center(CHIC): Cheri Eagleson, Cheri has been working with these organizations as  GDC’s data base is being merged with OFA. We have been assured that testing for  CMO, hip/elbow displasia, Legg-Perthes, patellar subluxation and globoid cell  Leukodystrophy (GCL) will continue.


Submitted by:

Ruth Barstow